The past few months my mind has been on a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts.  I’m still sort of lost in a lot of ways but I am slowly regaining my footing. I’m currently redirecting some of my energy on writing in this blog. I was using the website as a means to post my art; paintings drawings and the like. But, a lot of my art was in my head and I never truly applied myself to it. I’m shifting my focus on writing my thoughts, my beliefs, my story. Maybe this will help me move forward in a direction I truly enjoy. The truth of the matter is that I find a lot of value from expressing my thoughts in words. I’ve grown a lot of inspiration from various sources, one of them being The Minimalists. I highly recommend their website, podcast and most definitely their documentary. But, my main inspiration is my Mother, who loved writing, and who I will write about more in a later post.

    Staying stagnate for too long is very damaging on the mind and body. Growing, learning and bettering ourselves as humans is the key to self empowerment. I want to use these writing to share what has worked for me. Most of the time we focus too much on external wants to fill the void of life instead of internal needs that we truly value. This is a very dangerous habit that leads us down a path of overwhelm and stress.  I’m never sure of my destination but I know that I am focusing on growth, self betterment, and what brings true value in my life.